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Yadav Enterprises is a famous business house well-known for Barbed wire. Barbed wire is very useful in security purpose like society security, Metro Rail, Business, Car parking etc. We provide this business facility to all over India but this the Delhi based company. We have also the manufacturing wing in which we manufacture, export and supply high tech security fencing with the barbed tape.

Our product range is highly fashionable by household clients and Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, for quality that is dependable.

What makes its unbreakable barbed tape and punched tape coil highly robust and more reasonably priced is the globe class technology and a team of experts being talented to distribute quality product volumes. Total quality management, severe delivery schedules and major customer sloping makes it a cut above the rest.

We have the lots of years experience in this technology which makes us that we can handle any requirement of the Security fencing with the High Quality. Because of the good quality product s supply and good services our client table is growing very vastly and we know in the global market.

How we have achieve this value because of the team of the special engineers who had done work hard in the past with our company. They have the good experience in the fencing barbed wire according to the client requirement.

Our Company has the ISO 2000 Certified in the Fencing of the wire technology because of our satisfactory work to the client. Our engineers work with full dedication in this field and lead the company to high product demand in the Indian market & as well as the Global market..

We have done this type of project inside the country and outside the country also. To maintain the price according to global market we have the team of the quality Management Control that check the price of the raw material, manufacturing cost, and laboring cost after those thing done  we analysis the minimum profit and sell our product. Why is our company growing in world level because we give the best salary and other services like medical facility, transport and other important service to our employees? We provide the bonus facility also to the all our employee that boost up our employee to do better thing for the company.

Security is the important part in the life of the human, business, manufacturing the entire department. Fencing barbed wire around the building for residential or official purpose is very important because unknown person could not be entered the premise without any information.  On the border or you say LOC (Line of control) we have done the same thing to prevent the Pakistani soldier could not be entered in the Indian Territory.

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