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Reinforced Barbed Tape (RBT) Wire Manufacturer, Suppliers in Visakhapatnam, Reinforced Barbed Tape (RBT) Wire in Visakhapatnam, Reinforced Barbed Tape (RBT) Wire at Best Price in Visakhapatnam. This type of fencing is more impressive compared to Barbed Wire Fencing in terms of protection.
This type of fencing can be fitted in cement pole or angels. They are having two types of blades available in market. This type of fencing can be used at fields, farms, houses and parks. The provide protection against animals and unknown persons.
We manufacture high-quality Reinforced Barbed Tape using galvanized barbed tape on hot spring steel. The sharp barbed tape used has the composition of low carbon cold strip. The reinforcement process increases the strength of the Reinforced Barbed Tape, making it highly useful for security purposes and also beautifies any place where it is used. There is no need to construct higher walls for any building as the construction of our Reinforced Barbed Tape makes it impossible to scale any wall.

• Low cost of laying
• Economical
• Tough in construction
• Durability
• High resistance to corrosion

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